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How Social Media Can Affect Your Car Accident Case: Dos and Don'ts

Image of a judge gavel in front of 2 toy cars showcasing an auto accident.

As of 2023, there are over 36 million internet users in Canada alone. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become so mainstream that it has become one of the main ways that brands reach out to customers. It is also a veritable minefield when it comes to navigating legal issues.

It has become normal these days for someone to jump onto social media to broadcast every single event that happens to them in their lives. However, you are also putting all of your private information out there for public access.

Here is how social media can affect your car accident case in Calgary, and how you should approach it.

Social Media's Impact On Your Car Accident Case

Why does what you post on social media matter for your car accident case?

Anything you post on social media can be used as ammunition against you. Not everyone follows their doctor's orders to the letter, but it's especially important to do so after an accident.

If the opposition's legal team sees you disobeying your doctor's orders, that could suggest that you exaggerated your injuries or lied about them. The same applies to posting older photos from before your accident, as it may be difficult to prove when they were taken.

Furthermore, you may accidentally interact with individuals you aren't supposed to talk to while on social media. Any kind of communication with the opposing party without your lawyer could complicate matters.

Things to Avoid

First, do not post any kind of new information regarding yourself. This includes photos, job updates, or your travel history.

Part of your goal with your legal case is to prove your pain and suffering. If you're showing off that you are living your life as normal without restraint, then that does not show much suffering.

Do not post about the accident with any details that are not publicly available. Try not to accept friend requests from people you don't know. Turn off things like your online check-in settings so you can't be tracked.

Good Social Media Behavior

Instead of using social media as you normally would, be very selective with what you post or share.

Feel free to share things like links to charities or news about world events. You can still support your friends' endeavors and message people you know.

However, update your privacy settings so that only your close friends can see your information. Deleting posts may seem like a smart move, but it could actually give the impression that you are trying to hide or erase information. Instead, just limit who can see what you have posted.

Talk to Your Lawyer

Pursuing a car accident case can be a struggle, even if the evidence against the other party is clear. Their legal team may look for any piece of information they can use against you. Unfortunately, your social media presence may actually help them with that goal.

Stephens Holman Devraj can help you figure out how to adjust your online profile in your favour. Our legal team has over 30 years of experience practicing law in Calgary, Alberta, and can get you the settlement you desire.


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