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Depend on Us for Notary Services in Calgary

Though the need for notary services is not an every day or even a regular one, it is important to know where to procure them when the need does arise. Whether you're in the process of buying your first home, incorporating your business, or making your will, the certification of your documents can be done at Stephens Holman Devraj in Calgary. We can help you with: 

Swearing an affidavit
Administering an affirmation
Taking a statutory declaration
Administering an oath
Making a true copy of documents such as passports, birth certificates, degrees, etc
Witness and attest to the signing of an agreement

Our services at SHD include the notarization of documents. 

What is Notarization?

Notarization is a confirmation made by a Notary Public that the signature on a specific document is authentic; the signatory has signed it without any pressure, and he agrees to the conditions of the document to be applied with full force and effect. Most notarization requests involve the signature of papers. All signatories, as well as any needed witnesses, should be present when the document is notarized. You will need to present appropriate identification, as well as all pages of the paperwork to be notarized.

Who Notarizes Documents?

The lawyers at Stephens Holman Devraj can attest and certify deeds and other documents with signatures and official seals to render them acceptable to many public authorities in Canada, and sometimes in other countries as well. 


Why Do You Need to Notarize Documents?

Certain documents such as a medical document, a power of attorney, a business agreement, property papers, or a sales bill need to be notarized to have legal effect. Most province and local governments have made it obligatory to recruit a skilled professional to help execute legal papers that must be notarized due to the inherent formal requirements. A notary public acts as a quasi-public authority to certify the proper execution of these essential papers.


Our Legal Services

Car Accident

Accidents on the road can happen at any time. Injuries and damage to your vehicle are common side-effects of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  We can help you explore your legal options if you have sustained injuries in an accident. 

Personal Injury Law

If you slip and fall, and you believe the cause of your injury to be a person or company's negligence, you might be entitled to financial compensation.  Stephens Holman Devraj can offer you legal advice on the matter.

CAP Claims

If your injuries fall under the minor injury regulations, then your claim might be capped at a regulated amount referred to as a CAP claim. However, some claims that appear to be CAP claims, may fall outside of this CAP. It is important to seek legal advice.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one and believe another party to be at fault, you may be entitled to a wrongful death claim. This allows certain family members to get financial compensation for their loss ,and we, at Stephens Holman Devraj, can help you with your claim.

Long Term Disability Claims

Accidents can cause long-term disabilities and prevent you from going back to life as you knew it. In such scenarios, we aim to help you get your long-term disability benefits and the means for the best possible quality of life.

Notary Services

Notary Services

Our services include notarization of documents, administering oaths, affirmations and solemn declarations.

What to Do in an Accident

Panic can worsen the situation at the site of the accident. Try to stay calm, seek immediate medical attention, and retain information related to the accident so that it can help you get compensation and justice.

Making a Big Move?

Our lawyers can help notarize your documents and ensure the next chapter of your life starts on the right foot

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