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Expert Slip and Fall Lawyer for Calgary Claims

Often you will find yourself in a building with a wet floor and no sign to warn people roaming around. Things like these are a recipe for disaster as any passer-by can get injured by slipping and falling. For cases just like these, Stephens Holman Devraj offers you the guidance of slip and fall lawyers in Calgary. With our professional help, you can claim support for any injuries or losses you might have experienced due to the negligence of the building management. Our lawyers have the experience and the knowledge to navigate you through the process and work for your interests.

Whenever you enter a building, it is the responsibility of the owner or manager of that building to ensure your safety while on the premises. If you recently had an injury due to negligence in a building, make sure you contact our slip and fall lawyers in Calgary.

Things to Do after a Slip and Fall Injury in Calgary

Take the contact details of any eyewitnesses present in the vicinity of the accident. If possible, also take photographs of the area, covering any warning signs or their absence. Report the incident to building management or security and fill out an incident report and provide it. Visit a doctor and get a proper check-up. Even if you feel fine, it is better to follow the instructions that the doctor provides. The insurance company of the concerned party might reach out to you and may try to squeeze some statements that might make your case weak, avoid saying any such things. 

If you can do this, we will do our best to gather more information about the incident to strengthen your case. Give us a call today and speak to one of our representatives.

Can I Sue for Slip and Fall in Calgary?

Slip and fall accidents are often the results of poorly maintained property. Slippery parking lots or walkways may also cause them during the long Calgary winters or by wet floors in establishments.


Alberta law enables individuals hurt in a slip-and-fall situation to pursue legal action against the person who caused their injury. You can do this by filing a tort claim and requesting significant compensation for damages, including pain and suffering, lost wages from employment, and demands for medical care. Stephens Holman Devraj’s experienced slip and fall lawyers can help maximize the compensation by helping represent a strong case.

Common Causes of Slip and Falls

While adverse weather conditions are one of the major causes of slips, there may be other causes, including:

  • Icy walkways, sidewalks, or stairs

  • Wet floors in restaurants or stores

  • Freshly mopped floors

  • Poorly built stairways

  • Potholes in sidewalks

Who Is Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Typically, a claim may be lodged against the insurance company of the location where you slipped. This frequently occurs in business parking lots or on business property. However, you can also sue the property owner or the City in some cases.


We will use the concept of negligence to prove that the property or premises were not taken good care of by the person responsible, resulting in the accident. Stephens Holman Devraj’s Calgary slip and fall lawyers will help determine whether the owner's negligence, such as the following, contributed to the fall.

The Right Help for Full Compensation

As an ordinary citizen, you may not know all your rights. It is essential to hire an experienced slip and fall lawyer like Stephens Holman Devraj to represent you in court and get you total and fair compensation.


Why work with a personal injury lawyer?

It can be challenging to demonstrate the property owner's carelessness in case of a fall injury. Someone is not necessarily accountable for your slip and fall just because you got hurt. Our legal team knows the evidence to support a claim, the applicable deadlines, and the court-required paperwork.

Calgary personal injury lawyers with experience are ready to assist you in knowing your rights.

Our lawyers are dedicated to helping you make a strong case in case of a slip and fall injury. Call us to book a consultation today!

Common Slip and Fall Accident Questions

How Much Is a Settlement for a Slip and Fall?

The settlement depends upon the severity of the damages, how strong your case is represented and whose fault it was. The extent of the injuries is the most significant cause, and you can get compensation worth thousands of dollars, depending upon your case.


Should I Get a Lawyer for Slip and Fall?

Yes, a lawyer will help strengthen your case by letting you know your rights, collecting information necessary for the case, handling the paperwork during the claim process, and maximizing your settlement.

How Do I Succeed on a Slip and Fall Claim?Succeeding on a slip-and-fall claim is only possible if your case is strong enough and you are not entirely at fault. We have a proven track record of helping clients settle slip and fall cases. Contact us to get more information.

Get Professional Legal Help in Calgary

Our team will take care of your slip and fall legal requirements in Calgary.

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