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Know What to do if You Get Into An Accident in Calgary

A car accident can create panic and make it hard to think clearly. As a result, an accident victim may be confused or unsure about what should be done next. In some cases, people hastily take the wrong steps, leading to a loss of opportunity to get compensation for damages and injuries. Here is a compilation of steps that you can take after an accident to help you in the process of getting compensated for your pain and sufferring. 

How Should You Handle the Situation?

At the scene:

  • Inform the police immediately to get your accident reported and recorded

  • Call for immediate medical attention

Take note of or ask someone to collect the following information:

  • Name, phone number, and insurance information of the other party

  • Name and contact information of the witnesses

  • Take pictures or ask someone to capture the accident scene

  • Avoid making any agreements or admissions at the site of the incident

After the accident:

  • Get all major and minor injuries treated by a doctor

  • Collect copies of all the medical reports, prescriptions and bills

What you should not do:

  • Make any agreement or admission over the phone or in writing to an insurance company or any other entity

  • Agree to any accident settlement without consulting a professional to determine whether it is appropriate

  • Assume that you do not have a case until you have discussed it with a personal injury lawyer

  • Presume that proper legal representation is not affordable or feasible for you

What Can SHD Lawyers Do for You?

Fair representation

Fair representation



We get paid if you get paid

We get paid if you get paid


Great Experience

“Great experience! Very happy with my lawyer Azra. Explained the process thoroughly!”

- Elissa J.

Professional and Responsive

“Natacha Devji is professional and responsive. She has helped me in a couple of complex litigation matters. She gets the best settlement while working closely with you. I would refer her to everyone for all MVA related litigation matters.”

- Robina A.

Our Legal Services

Accident Injury Law

Accidents on the road can happen at any time. Injuries and damage to your vehicle are common side-effects of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  We can help you explore your legal options if you have sustained injuries in an accident.

Personal Injury Law

If you slip, fall, or get bitten by an animal and you believe the cause of your injury to be a person or company's negligence, you might be entitled to financial compensation.  Stephens Holman Devraj can offer you legal advice on the matter.

CAP Claims

If your injuries fall under the minor injuries guideline, then you might be eligible to get a special claim capped at a legally-regulated amount referred to as CAP claims. But it is important to know about the CAP claim exceptions amd whether you are entitled to more. 

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one and believe another party to be at fault, you may be entitled to a wrongful death claim. This allows certain family members to get financial compensation for their loss and we, at Stephens Holman Devraj, can help you with your claim.

Long Term Disability Claims

Accidents can cause long-term disabilities and prevent you from going back to life as you knew it. In such scenarios, we aim to help you in getting long-term disability benefits and the means for the best possible quality of life.

Notary Services

Our services include notarization of documents, administering oaths, affirmations and solemn declarations.

What to Do in an Accident

What to Do in an Accident

Panic can worsen the situation at the site of the accident. Try to stay calm, seek immediate attention, and retain information related to the accident so that it can help you get compensation and justice.  

Seek Representation

The first step in securing compensation for your damages and injuries is to secure the help of a personal injury lawyer.

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