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What Is an SEF 44 Rider on Your Policy and Why You Should Have One

In Canada, car insurance holds the biggest share of the entire insurance industry - sitting at 40%.

Having car insurance is a crucial part of owning a car. It can protect you and others in case something unexpected and unfortunate happens, such as a car accident.

As a licensed driver, you probably know this. But did you know that you should also have a SEF 44 rider?

If you aren't sure what that is or why you should have one, this guide is for you. Keep reading!

What Is a SEF 44 Rider?

A SEF 44 Rider is an endorsement that you can add to an auto insurance policy. This is only for Canadian policyholders.

This policy provides coverage for loss or damage to a vehicle specifically used for ride-sharing services. This means that if you are using a car for Uber or Lyft, a SEF 44 rider can be extremely helpful for you.

This is because most insurance policies do not cover any ride-sharing activities. So if something were to happen while you were using your vehicle for ride-sharing purposes, you wouldn't be covered.

However, if you add the SEF 44 rider to the policy, you would. Not only would this policy cover you and your vehicle in the case of an accident, but it also covers the passengers that you are driving for the ride-sharing service.

Important Notes

It is important to note that a SEF 44 rider is not available across all of the Canadian provinces.

It is best to talk with your insurance provider about this if you want to become a driver for a ride-sharing service.

Why You Should Have a SEF 44 Rider

Now that you know what a SEF 44 Rider is, you may want to know why it is so important that you have one as part of your insurance policy.

There are many reasons.

Financial Protection

The first reason that you should have a SEF 44 rider is to protect you financially. If you get in an accident, a SEF 44 rider will protect you from any unexpected expenses. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you will not be out of pocket.

Meets Ride-sharing Requirements

Some ride-sharing companies actually require drivers to have certain levels of insurance coverage. Adding the SEF 44 rider to your policy will help ensure that you are meeting those requirements.

Coverage for Passengers

Another benefit of a SEF 44 rider policy is that it will provide coverage for your passengers as well in case of injury. This means that you're also doing them a favour with the insurance coverage.

Adding a SEF 44 Rider to Your Policy

Now that you know why adding a SEF 44 rider to your policy is so important, it's time to go add it!

If you have any questions about insurance coverage as a ride-share driver, it never hurts to contact a lawyer. You can consult with us at SHD Lawyers to ensure that you are fully covered.


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